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The Magic of Crystals

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The Magic of Crystals, For health, home and happiness

Journey on the path of self-discovery through the magic of crystals. Whether you need the power to help you with your home, health or happiness, this book contains the guidance, advice and rituals you need to be in sync with your spirituality. The beauty and uniqueness of crystals and other stones have long been recognized for their mystic influence in our day-to-day lives. Historically, people used them for trade and jewellery and, even in modern times, we use them to create new and wonderous technologies. They are the product of natural energy derived from cosmic and geological forces including stars, the sun and intense heat and pressure from the Earth, so it makes sense to recycle this potential. The Magic of Crystals explores how you can unlock this potent vitality with practical advice on what crystals you will need to enhance particular characteristics in your home, how to combine their energy with feng shui to create happiness and harmony, how to relieve spiritual blockages in your chakras plus much, much more. There are also quick reference pages that give advice on how to solve common problems.