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Minna Kids

The Bubble Cup 2 Pack-Strawberry Cardamom

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Kids mealtimes made simple. Minimalist in form but designed to be playful, light and functional.  The Bubble Cup is soft, touchable and lovely to hold for little hands. Made to empower kids. The softness of the silicone and bubbly shape make mealtime fun for little ones.  The special curved straw is designed to get every last sip without ever tipping the cup. Meant for family mealtimes and not road trips as the cup is not spill proof.  Unbreakable, dishwasher and  microwave safe.  Wipeable for easy cleanup! Each 2 pack cup set is packaged in a reusable bag that can be use for toys, treasures or to take your set on the go!

A collection inspired by our morning smoothies with a modern palette to suit a modern home.