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Take Me Home Journal

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Take Me Home: An Activity Journal for Young Explorers

Take Me Home is the latest book in an exciting series of guided journals for young explorers. Crammed with facts, lively illustrations and inspiring activities, it's perfect for spending creative time at home - just the thing for completing after school or on a rainy day. 

With this book as your guide, you don't even need to go out of your own front door to discover new things! Each chapter of Take Me Home is filled with activities that encourage children to explore the place where they live, jot down their ideas and draw what they see. As they complete lists, create pictures and answer questions they are prompted to look at their own home in new ways - observing its different spaces and the objects that fill it. 

Fun, quirky and bursting with information about homes throughout history; architecture and design; the way things work; and the artists and writers who have been inspired by the idea of home, this book is a perfect gift for curious and creative children.