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Natural Bath Towel

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Small batch, made to last. Nazire towels are intricately crafted works of art that are both gentle on the skin and functional — turn an essential past-time in into a luxurious ritual.  

Threads to towelling.

Using ethical and sustainable practices, our towels are hand-woven by 4th generation weavers with traditional methods and well-aged shuttle looms. This follows by the women of the village coming together to tenderly knot tassels by hand, making it a nurturing communal artform. 

Any minor imperfections and variations that may appear are a nod to the thoughtful weaving process, making each towel an original. 

With a Nazire towel purchase, the traditional practices of hand-crafting and weaving methods are preserved, as well as supporting the livelihoods of our artisans and their families


100% sustainably sourced cotton
180 x 90cm


A pre-wash helps expand and softly break in cotton fibres, allowing for optimal absorbance from your first use. Wash on a cold cycle and tumble dry afterward removes excess fluff and prevents pilling.

For regular care, use natural laundry detergent, with a gentle cold or warm (30-40C) machine wash cycle. To ensure longevity of the natural fibres, ensure not to use bleach or fabric softeners. Tumble dry afterwards. 

For loose threads, refrain on pulling and simply snip with sharp scissors. The towel will not unravel or disrupt the material.