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The Pub Quiz Book

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The General Knowledge Pub Quiz Book, More than 8,000 quiz questions to be enjoyed at home or in the pub!

10,000 questions, and over 300 individual quizzes in this book - on a huge variety of subjects.

This is the perfect book for anyone planning to host a pub quiz with their family and friends, either at home or in the pub! 

There are 10,000 questions over more than 300 individual quizzes in this superb book. There is a wealth of fascinating information on a huge variety of subjects - perfect for quiz aficionados and amateurs alike, as it is divided by both difficulty level and subject matter. 

Many of the quizzes are themed, along the classic lines of music, sport, geography, politics and entertainment, but there are also more specialist subjects such as Gardening, The Olympics, Medicine and Health and Festivals. Pot-luck quizzes with a mix of all subjects are also included to keep you on your toes.

Finally, a section at the rear of the book gives tips and advice on how to host your own quiz at home, the pub, or any place keen quizzers congregate. So, whether quiz master or quiz taker, this is the book for you.